Nathan Stiles Mitchell

124 Hunt Ave

Pearl River, NY 10965

(845) 689-9078







BA Organizational Dynamics, 5 years in Logistics & Distribution management

Database and Information Specialist; advanced SQL, MS certified Access. Experience designing and implementing shipping, CRM, WMS databases.

Team Builder; experienced recruiting, hiring, and training staff at all levels




Novus Information Solutions, LLC, Pearl River, NY                          2003 to Present



Manage all operations of a small business IT consultation firm.  Responsible for business plan and startup, marketing, recruiting, and day to day operations.  Develop new business, establish rates.  Negotiate and maintain contractor agreements. 

Support the IT operations of a dozen small businesses in the NY metro area.    Provide all necessary IT support for a variety of small and medium businesses, from Equipment purchasing consultation, to contract negotiation, to installation, service, and repair of hardware systems from PCs to Surveillance systems, and on to software research and deployment.


Major Projects

Built and maintained a custom orders database encompassing ERP and CRM functionality;   Developed existing MS Access database based VB application into full featured, automated, and integrated system, handling thousands of orders and millions of dollars of sales.

“Using the system Novus created for us, we were able to increase both efficiency and accuracy.  Novus put the info we need, from customer service to inventory and our supply chain, right at our fingertips.  We didn’t need to fit our business model into someone else’s system, which saved us major headaches.”

Joe Gilligan, jr. Akadema Professional Baseball Products, inc.


Established and configured a secure VPN network to connect a multi-location POS retail business to all satellite offices;  Recommended, Installed, configured, and programmed Cisco PIX series VPN routers in a wheel and spoke arrangement to central office, eliminating the need for costly dedicated T1 lines to allow for real time visibility of all POS transactions.  Configured Windows server 2003 Terminal Server and Remote Desktop Protocol clients to connect to virtual stations using the VPN.

“When we undertook an accounting system upgrade, we brought Novus in to administer our VPN network.  Since then, Novus has been there whenever we needed them, and has helped to make this difficult transition easier and less nerve racking- what is that worth to you?”

Helen Lim, Organic Recycling, inc.



Upgraded obsolete phone system to cost effective, affordable cutting edge technology;

Recommended, installed and configured new Bizfon small business system, updated wiring from centrex configuration to digital station setup.  Analyzed phone usage needs and recommended usage of VoIP line connections, elimination of underutilized lines.

Custom Studios, Tappan, NY




NVC Logistics Group, Norwood, NJ                                                                 2002 to 2003



Manage 2 of the 3 Operating divisions; Express (local distribution and transportation) and Novus (information systems consulting).  Responsible for all operations, planning.  Divisional annual revenue $4.5MM, report to President, CEO / Owner.  Direct 5 supervisors, 35 drivers, 20 owner- operators, 15 warehousepersons, 5 support staff, and 2 project managers.

Responsible for 35,000 annual shipments, 77,000 sq. ft. warehouse, mixed fleet of 50 vehicles, IT administration of 85,000 shipments, consulting projects.  Establish, implement, and enforce all policies and procedures.  Develop new business, establish rates.  Negotiate and maintain contractor agreements.  Research and obtain warehouse space, negotiate leases.  Market consulting services, negotiate projects and pricing.

Serve clients in local distribution, transportation, and IT consulting.  Oversee pick pack, storage, ‘White Glove’ residential delivery, institution installation projects, carpet distribution, furniture installation, computer equipment transportation, courier services, and cartage.  Work with 400 customers including Sony, Samsung, Sharper Image, Mitsubishi, and YFS.  Manage all IT considerations; telecom, phone system, LAN / WAN, web site, SQL database creation and administration, accounting software, hardware / software purchasing, consulting projects.


Major Projects

Created New Operating Division; Novus Information Solutions.  Developed existing staff, brought in outside contractors, secured customers.  Established rates and contractor agreements.  Created billing procedures and project management process. Implemented new billing and customer service database for client.

Reorganized Express staff.  Merged Dispatch and Routing offices, eliminating 1 position, improving service and saving labor expense through elimination of work duplication.  Brought in contract drivers, offsetting fixed fleet costs, and saving labor expense by controlling delivery costs.

Developed expanded features for nationwide tracking database.  Implemented fax server, automated fax contact with agent network.  Incorporated email contact, created web-based agent interface for status updating and paperwork retrieval.  Eliminated the need for 2 part time positions.

Implemented night delivery program, expanded service area.   Expanded delivery services to off hours to service Home Depot accounts, created procedures and charges.  Established systematic guidelines for route profitability.



·         Generated $20,000 in outside consulting revenue with existing staff in 6 months.

·         Saved $75,000 in annual office labor expense.

·         Saved $50,000 in annual fleet expense.

Negotiated an estimated 35% savings in telecom expense.


NVC Express, Norwood, NJ                                                                             2000 to 2002



Managed local distribution and transportation company Express and parent IT department.

Responsible for all operations, facility.  Annual revenue $5MM, report to President.  Direct 5 supervisors, 35 drivers, 10 owner- operators, 15 warehousepersons, 6 support staff, and 1 programmer.

Responsible for 35,000 annual shipments, 77,000 sq. ft. warehouse, mixed fleet of 50 vehicles, company-wide IT administration.  Establish, implement, and enforce all operational procedures.  Analyze new business profitability an establish procedures.  Recruit, negotiate, and maintain contractor agreements.  Research and obtain warehouse space, negotiate leases.  Building staff, hiring and training.  Minimizing transportation expense, claim exposure.

Distribute expensive, fragile, and time sensitive materials.  Provide company wide IT services.

Products and equipment include home entertainment electronics, computer equipment, A/V supplies, laboratory equipment, furniture, and carpeting.

Supervised Fleet Management, Driver Management, Routing.  Implemented driver hours controls, reduced overtime 75%.  Implemented safety training program, reduced driver and warehouse accidents 35%.  Established routing benchmarks and accountability, increased route profitability 20%.

Supervised IT department, managed projects.  Created and deployed new automated billing procedures, web site, phone system.  Developed tracking database to improve efficiency.  Incorporated GPS and web – based mapping applications into routing database.


Major Projects/Achievements

·         Saved $250,000 in annual overtime expense by creating and implementing a driver hours database.

·         Recruited, established fixed pricing schedules, and trained a fleet of Owner-Operators.

·         Successfully coordinated an Anti – Unionization campaign.

·         Redesigned warehouse layout, security, hiring, and receiving procedures, expanding capacity by 24%, and saving estimated $50,000 in freight claims.

·         Implemented new accounting software package, normalized and migrated all company databases to SQL environment.

·         Received ‘NVC Award’ (Employee of the year award)




Responsible for all IT considerations, Nationwide school furniture installations, logistics and analysis projects.  Research, recommend, and administer phone system, computer network, hardware and software.  Manage nationwide school furniture installation logistics, recruit agents for services.  Analyze pricing data, create custom reports for management and customers. 


Major Projects/Achievements

·         Upgraded phone system, LAN, servers OS.

·         Oversaw Y2K compliance program

·         Incorporated nationwide and local school furniture installations into databases and operations

·         Set up a remote office, created WAN connectivity at minimal expense.

·         Created a billing, routing, and dispatching database for all local transportation, upgraded existing nationwide tracking database.

·         Received “Outstanding New Employee” award






BA,  Public Communication & Organizational Dynamics, Evergreen College, Olympia, WA, 1997



Completed training courses in Windows networking, Active Directory, Access programming, and SQL database design; Microsoft Certified Access expert; CNC machine operations and programming, warehouse and driver safety, hazmat handling.